Hello, My name is Kursti Nakagawa and I design things…


Things I believe in:

Developing projects with expansion & audience in mind. The same concept applies to Graphics or programming. Form follows function.

I started out after a B.A in
web development

& ended up with a few extra skills along the way:

Over 10 Years of Experience

I’ve been freelancing for a long time under Sheep Web Design. First as web design and developer with my multimedia professor. The clientele was mostly small business and non profits. The best projects came from the college itself (MSJC). From there I’ve worked on packaging design, e-commerce sites, software and all sorts of interesting projects for people.

After buying my own place in ’09 I figured I better get a stable job. GPSTrackit.com hired me as their graphic designer working in their marketing department. In 2010 I was promoted to web designer/developer and then to software engineer in 2011.

Currently I’m working with the marketing department launching a new site and branding identity for GPStrackit.com. Oh and Verizon Wireless became our partner which lead me to design and code a shopping cart to handle kiosk purchases of our products.

Along with a growing client base of small businesses, under SheepWebDesign.com, filling a full time position at GPStrackit, I also hit the books working towards the my last semester of college.

Programs I run:

Along with above, I also know my way around Autodesk® Maya® 3d Animation Software and Adobe Captivate®. Which is helpful for things like installation guides and online demos. Any text editor will do for programming but Coda is the go to.



Recently I’ve been working with frame works like Code Ignitor and Expression Engine. Some projects have required custom WordPress plugins, widgets and child themes. If you have a problem I can program it away for a modest fee :)

Don’t take my word for it.

View my portfolio

and see what my clients/colleagues have to say

“Kursti Nakagawa has exceeded all expectations for quality and timeliness in the several years we’ve worked together. I put her in the top 5% of quality for all vendors I work with.”

“Indispensable. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of working with Kursti. She brings equal talents of Design and Development to her position so she can not only build a sound web platform, she can make it look amazing.”

“Kursti is eager and hard-working – a Web Developer and Designer who constantly shows a desire to learn and grow. With a great eye and instinct, her work exceeds expectations. “

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